Nov 3, 2008

Strategic Planning Process of my company!

I am excited to be part of a very interesting and critical moment of the development of my company.
We are launching a new product on the market ( and we are doing very well with our current product ( Demand is getting higher for both products and it will increase even more in the upcoming months (Christmas period) Employees stay in same number, but more resources are needed. is becoming the "CashCow" for our Star product "
We are facing some internal challenges with our efficiency because of switch in priorities within the company. We need to standardize and improve our internal efficiency processes in alignment with our objectives! There is a need to create a strategic plan and understand what do we want to do and how are we going to do it!

I took the responsibility of creating the Strategic Planning Framework and facilitate the entire Strategic Process with the top management of the company.
We are going to start from "personal" assessment and building the team and continue with "organizational" assessment and creation of the Strategic Plan.
Before going into the whole process I involved two people to support us by performing an External Research and Structuring the Internal Processes. The Strategic Planning Process will most probably start on 5th January and will continue with 3 more meetings along the month.

All this is gonna be a lot of fun as I am interested in SME's development, seeing the challenges and supporting them in achieving their goals.
I wanna start reading a book on "Strategic Planning for SMEs", I still don't have anything concrete book in mind, so feel free to recommend me some and to share your opinion on this..


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