May 26, 2009

Loud thinking

Hey people,

How have you been lately?
How do you feel?

I find the last question very interesting and honestly, sometime intense question to answer if you seriously give it a thought.
Today, I am grateful to be asked "how do I feel" from Cisco, my portugese friend and that made think deeper and write this post.

Hmm.. How do I feel? Well, lets see.

I am starting to realize that when you start thinking about money your worldview changes. The world is becoming a jungle where you need to survive, people just see other people out of interest and they do not truly mean the question "How are you?" when they ask. And the worst part is that you also get used to saying, "yeah, I feel great, thanks. Whay about you?!" but your answer comes automatically and you are also used to that answer. But, the truth is that we don't really feel like sharing and we are just closing and suppressing our deep feelings inside.

I started thinking about this, when I noticed that I haven't posted on my blog since March. Not having the NEED to share with the world, made me ask myself the question, am I scared from the world? Is MY WORLD CLOSING UP? and why is that?
I can find some reasons in the above paragraph..

Another thing which I realized how important it is, is to "enjoy the journey to the destination and not only reaching the destination, itself". I remember Dey's final speech on IC in Turkey 2007, talking about enjoying the beauty of the road while reaching the final destination.. I would add to that: "while working on your long term goals". Balancing between "momentary pleasures" and "gratification" is very important.

Well, all that is nice, but how am I?
Despite of fighting in the jungle and trying to survive in the cruel world, I can say I am doing fine.. I can always do better..

I am grateful for having a job that gives me a lot of "responsible freedom" as I call it. I am experiencing "intrapreneurship" and it's really cool. Learning by doing and observing a small company grows is amazing experience to have. All my gratitude to my boss, Halbe, who is true entrepreneur and gave me this opportunity.
Apart from that, I watch the NBA playoffs and read "Dreams from my father-Barrack Obama" in my free time. Not to forget that I spend most of my social time with Jirka and Mehmet, my Czech and Turkish friend :)
The future looks very exciting as well. Anyways, I wish you a good night and I'd be glad to hear from you soon.
What's up with your reflection lately?



Meto said...

Brat, fala za postov, odlicen e! Edvaj cekam da se druzime povtorno!

Jean Penny said...

"Not having the NEED to share with the world"
Toni, great noticing. I kind feel the same since my last post. which is strange, considering how much has been going on with my life lately :S
good to hear from your side :) keep posting!:

Jean Penny said...

Ey Toni, WAKE UP!!!
It's happening to you AGAINNNN!!

"...haven't posted on my blog since March. Not having the NEED to share with the world, made me ask myself the question, am I scared from the world? Is MY WORLD CLOSING UP? and why is that?"

so i'm asking you these questions too: is your world closing up?
I just noticed it's happened to me as well. But I think I just found the reason, in my case: the people i want to stay in touch with, are around me, and not all the way across the planet. i see them almost daily. So the blog is not such a big priority anymore.
I'd be interested in your own explanation. Looking forward to reading from you again anyways, it's always a source of fruitful reflection, if not inspiration.